Trump Pushes Arctic Offshore Oil Opening

Trump to Press for Arctic Offshore Oil Opening

By Ben Lefebvre | April 27 2017

President Donald Trump will seek to open the Arctic waters for offshore oil and gas drilling, reversing President Barack Obama’s policy that prevented exploration in a region that environmental groups warn is too sensitive to risk an ecological catastrophe.

The move is Trump’s latest attempt to jettison Obama-era environmental policies and help open the spigot for U.S. oil and natural gas production, but is certain to draw legal challenges from environmental groups.

Trump will sign an executive order Friday that also orders his Department of Interior to review the five-year offshore leasing plan issued by the Obama administration, Interior Secretary Zinke told reporters. The study could take two years to conduct, and will look at the federal waters in parts of the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean as well as Alaska’s Chukchi Sea, Beaufort Sea and Cook Inlet areas. …

Trump’s executive order will also direct the Commerce Department to review all marine sanctuaries created or expanded in the past 10 years and report back to the White House in three months. …

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