Threats to Archaeology and Heritage—Free Access

Threats to Archaeology and Heritage—Free Journal Access

Publisher Routledge/Taylor & Francis is offering free access to fourteen articles on the theme Threats to Archaeology and Heritage. The offer expires 30 April 2017.

The publisher writes:

From the devastating war in Syria and the destruction of Palmyra, the impacts of climate change and natural disasters to issues of governance and policy, threats to archaeology and heritage come in many forms. This article collection presents papers which examine some of those threats and provide potential solutions or policies to help us protect our pasts.

The articles are:

Commentary: ‘I Dwell in Possibility’ — Ethical Futures for Heritage and Archaeology
Azania: Archaeological Research in Africa | Link
Tracy Ireland

Protecting a Moveable and Immoveable Feast: Legal Safeguards for Yemen’s Cultural Heritage
Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites | Link
Stephen Steinbeiser

A Framework for Assessing the Vulnerability of Archaeological Sites to Climate Change: Theory, Development, and Application
Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites | Link
Cathy Daly

Managing, Valuing, and Protecting Heritage Resources in the Twenty-First Century: Peatland Archaeology, the Ecosystem Services Framework, and the Kyoto Protocol
Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites | Link
Benjamin R. Gearey, William Fletcher & Ralph Fyfe

Adaptation to Climate Change at UK World Heritage Sites: Progress and Challenges
The Historic Environment: Policy & Practice | Link
Helen Phillips

Looting and vandalism around a World Heritage Site: Documenting modern damage to archaeological heritage in Petra’s hinterland
Journal of Field Archaeology | Link
Clive Vella, Emanuela Bocancea, Thomas M. Urban, Alex R. Knodell, Christopher A. Tuttle & Susan E. Alcock

Excavation is Digitization: Advances in Archaeological Practice
Journal of Field Archaeology | Link
Christopher H. Roosevelt, Peter Cobb, Emanuel Moss, Brandon R. Olson & Sinan Ünlüsoy

Cultural Heritage at Risk in the Twenty-First Century: A Vulnerability Assessment of Coastal Archaeological Sites in the United States
Journal of Island and Coastal Archaeology | Link
Leslie A. Reeder-Myers

Vandalised and Looted, Rock-Cut Toombs of the Roman and Byzantine Periods: A Case Study from Saffa Village, Ramallah Province
Palestine Exploration Quarterly | Link
Salah Hussein Al-Houdalieh

The Values of Archaeological and Heritage Sites
Public Archaeology | Link
Arjo Klamer

Threats to the Archaeological Heritage in the Laissez-Faire World of Tourism: The Need for Global Standards as a Global Public Good
Public Archaeology | Link
Douglas C. Comer

Preservation as ‘Disaster Capitalism’: The Downside of Site Rescue and the Complexity of Community Engagement
Public Archaeology | Link
Anne Pyburn

Heritocide? Defining and Exploring Heritage Crime
Public Archaeology | Link
Louise Grove

Gridlock: UNESCO, Global Conflict and Failed Ambitions
World Archaeology | Link
Lynn Meskell