Heritage, Tourism and Climate Change


Heritage, Tourism and Climate Change

Journal of Heritage Tourism | Volume 11, Issue 1, 2016

Guest Ed: C. Michael Hall

Here are the titles and abstracts of the first two contributions:

Heritage, Heritage Tourism and Climate Change
C. Michael Hall
Climate change is increasingly recognised as a major threat to the sustainability of tourism, including heritage tourism. Yet, despite growth in literature on climate change and heritage, there is little specific literature on the relationship between climate change and heritage tourism. The paper introduces a special issue on heritage tourism and climate change. It briefly outlines the future challenges of climate change before commenting on tourism’s role in climate change and the challenge of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Using UNWTO tourism estimates, a tentative figure of half of all emissions of tourism could be ascribed to heritage-related tourism.

Climate Change and Cultural Heritage: Conservation and Heritage Tourism in the Anthropocene
C. Michael Hall, Tim Baird, Michael James, and Yael Ram
This paper reviews some of the actual and potential effects of climate change on cultural heritage and its management with special reference to heritage tourism. This analysis will help to identify knowledge gaps and issues in relation to different types of heritage, management strategies and policy-making, as well as enabling an understanding of the potential significance of climate change impacts in a regional, national and international setting. The analysis is also relevant to understanding the broader pressures of environmental and global change on the management of heritage tourism sites, and cultural heritage in particular, in the Anthropocene.

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