CFP: Critical Heritage and Tourism

CFP: Critical Heritage and Tourism

Society for Applied Anthropology 76th Annual Meeting
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | March 29–April 2, 2016

Session Title
Critical Heritage and Tourism

Session Organizers
Marina La Salle and Rich Hutchings, Department of Anthropology, Vancouver Island University, and Institute for Critical Heritage and Tourism, British Columbia, Canada

Session Abstract
In Understanding the Politics of Heritage, Rodney Harrison (2010) challenges readers to “question the unwritten suggestion … that heritage is necessarily ‘good.’” For Harrison, critical understanding means uncovering “ways in which heritage embodies relationships of power and subjugation, inclusion and exclusion, remembering and forgetting.” It is this call for critical inquiry that we take up in this session.

We critically explore the intersection of heritage and tourism by discussing them in their larger social, political, and ecological contexts. Working under the umbrella of Critical Heritage Studies, participants are unified in their approach to heritage as a contemporary ideological process. It is understood that disentangling and problematizing heritage and tourism requires the “ruthless criticism of everything existing”; mobilizing this critique into action requires even more.

While we invite participants of this session to speak on any aspect of heritage and tourism, we particularly welcome those that emphasize an inter/postdisciplinary approach to:

  • the role of colonialism, capitalism, and development
  • selective remembering and revisionist histories
  • gendered and racialized spaces and places
  • resistance and activism, especially Indigenous and grassroots approaches
  • bridging “nature” and “culture”
  • bridging “urban” and “rural”

Interested parties should contact session organizers Marina La Salle and Rich Hutchings by September 28, 2015 at icht[dot]bc[at]gmail[dot]com