CFP: 2019 Heritage BC Conference: Interpreting Heritage: Identity, Culture, Environment

Call for Submissions
Heritage BC Conference
Nanaimo, May 9-11, 2019

Proposals are now being accepted for speakers and presentations at the 2019 Heritage BC conference: Interpreting Heritage: Identity, Culture, Environment.

Heritage can mean many things to many people. Interpretations of and interactions with place, space, and practices can be endless, each experience individualized through personal knowledge, memories and relationships.

As interpreters and custodians, we draw finer definitions, placing stories, history and heritage into more detailed contexts and revealing relationships. As we conserve and curate, we are compelled to reflect on meaning and intention, building interpretations that connect past with a contemporary context.

Heritage BC’s 2019 conference focusses on three broad, yet key areas of interpretation: identity, culture, and environment. Complex and compelling, these themes require us to explore time, place and space in ways that identify and characterize history and heritage, describing beliefs and expressions, cultures and diversities.

Whether stated through an architectural statement, a modest impression on the land, or through language, our interpretations and preservation of history and heritage cannot escape the influences of identity, culture, and environment.

Heritage BC invites proposals from individuals interested in speaking at the 2019 conference.  Sessions will explore our themes of interpretation, identity, culture, and environment, and all sessions will be:

>Future-focused: not reporting on the past, but considering future directions and priorities
>Participatory: delegates are involved in the conversations/presentation
>Actionable: delegates leave with ideas that are practical, useful and usable

Presentations should also be inclusive so that people feel the conference reflects and respects their different experiences, backgrounds, and cultures.

The deadline for submissions is November 9, 2018. Successful applicants will be notified by the end of December.

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